2075 km Through the Outback

Mum got a nursing placement in Alice Springs. So we drove from Townsville to Alice. She said it wasn’t far, only 2075 km (1290 miles). She’s not the one squished in the back of the car on a half-broken seat! I’ll give her not far (just remember mum, I get to choose your nursing home).

We found this awesome honey stall in Prairie. we could only buy the 1kg bucket as we were $1.90 short of change to buy the bigger bucket, even though we pulled the entire caravan and car apart looking for loose change. If only they had tap and go!

Hughenden, you never know what you’ll find in the outback!

We slept here back in 2016! It was really blowy and there were little willy willys everywhere.

Cattle everywhere it must be peak hour. It’s a good use of the long paddock.

We stopped for the night here at Oorindi rest stop. I got some violin practise in as the sun went down.

we stayed in Cloncurry for two nights to have a rest from driving before doing the second half of our trip. We did the Cloncurry parkrun which was great. If you don’t know what parkrun is, check out my parkrun page here

In the Northern Territory!

Avon Downs, our first night back in the Territory.

Most of my crazy family finishing an 11km run in the absolute middle of nowhere. The cars driving past must have wondered where on earth these nutters came from.

We slept the night at a rest stop at Boney Well. It smelled a bit funny when the wind blew our way, this dead horse was just across the highway from us. The two oversize trucks came past after we’d eaten dinner, much to my brother’s delight.

We filled up at this petrol station in Wycliffe Well. It obviously had an alien theme going on. Wycliffe Well is meant to be the UFO sighting capital of Australia.

2075 km later (1290 miles) and we’re finally in Alice!!!

I could quite happily not get in the car again for a month…

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