Alice Springs to Melbourne

After a six-week placement at the Alice Springs Hospital, mum has finally finished her nursing degree!!!!!!!!

We picked her up from the hospital right after she’d finished her very last shift and started driving.

That night we had a small feast. Holli, Asha and I had cooked lots of good food in celebration of her finishing her degree.

We made it a 160 km from Alice in that first day and stayed at Desert Oaks Rest Area.

I was teasing dad, so he threw one of his thongs at me! I managed to take this photo as it was flying toward me.

We saw heaps of Wedge-tailed Eagles

The outback has spectacular sunsets.

In South Aus, we’re starting to get some real greenery and farmland.

It’s getting cold the further south we go. I dug out my cold weather clothes and am already missing the consistently sunny and 35-degree days of Alice (95°F)

We’d heard about the statue of a bunyip at Murray Bridge but didn’t expect it to be in a cave. When you press the button it slowly rises out of the word, growling and opening its jaws!

Singing Happy Birthday for mum’s birthday with me accompanying them on the violin. I’d learnt the song a few days before as a surprise for her. But, as I hadn’t been able to practice it at all, I make a mistake.

We all did Nhill parkrun. There’s no parkrun in Alice Springs so we were happy to finally do another one. If you don’t know what parkrun is, check out my parkrun page.

We stopped at Pink Lake, it really is pink!

We’re finally at Great Nanna’s house!

She put lots of balloons out the front of her house for mum’s birthday and got two birthday cakes! We got to eat three cakes for mum’s birthday!

We sang happy birthday again and this time I managed to play it perfectly!

Now we’re back down in Melbourne, we don’t have to do any more road trips for ages. We’ll just be walking the length of New Zealand instead. Although, I’m not sure if that’s any better!


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