Back in Australia!

After 8 Months and 3 days we’re back in Australia

Okay, this post is slightly late. We have been back for what, two months? But, no need to worry about such little details.

It has been a bit of a shock to be back in Australia. One of the first things that I noticed was the colour. How I love the colours of Australia. The bright blue sky, the silver gum leaves and red or white bark of the trees. Europe seems washed out in comparison.

And I could understand everyone! Do you know how strange it seems to understand what a random stranger is saying to their kid when for the past eight months you’ve barely understood anyone?

I never noticed how sloppily Australians Dressed. After the elegance of European fashion, it came as quite a surprise. Here in Melbourne, it is quite normal to go out in your Ugg boots, tracksuits and an old hoody. Yes, in Croatia all the men wore their tracksuits out, but they were very nice trackies which you could tell were clean and freshly ironed that morning. Here, it looks like they’ve just put on a pile of old clothes that had been lying at the end of their bed for a week.

But, everything is so easy here. We can read the signs, we know our way around, it’s easy to buy food and it’s easy for us to talk! Even when people spoke English overseas, they didn’t speak Australian. You don’t notice how much slang you use until you must try not to use any. Here we can use whatever slang we want, and we’re understood.

Still, you kinda miss being the oddity, being a bit of a celebrity just because you’ve come all the way from Australia. You miss all the new foods, ticking new countries off your list and meeting new people. Although we have to be in Australia for a few months at least, I doubt it will be long until we’re off again.


  • Erin Hassett

    Welcome Home, pleased to have you all back. and secretly hoping you all make your way back up here.
    Sounds like you’re experiencing cultural shock

    • Gabrielle

      Thanks for the welcome!

      I swear I’m getting more culture shock in my own country then I did when we first flew into Berlin!

      It would be great to see you and your family again. I might be secretly hoping that we go past your place too!

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