• Europe

    My Greek Ancestry

    Look what I found at nanna’s house! Heaps of really, really old photos of my ancestors and relatives from when they were in Greece. The one above is my favourite one. The older…

  • Europe

    Berlin for Three Nights

    I like Berlin, It’s my favourite city so far. This wasn’t our first time here. We flew into Berlin from Australia last September, when we first came to Europe. We stayed at a…

  • Europe

    Toulouse to Berlin

    We left the apartment early on the 17th of march and drove to Toulouse. We dropped Shaz (the hire car we’d had for the past six months) off near the airport. We walked…

  • Watching Flamingos at the Camargue, Gabrielle George

    Flamingos at the Camargue in France

    Yesterday we went to the Parc Ornithologquie in the Camargue National Park and saw real live flamingos, in the wild, in France! (and lots of other birds but that’s not the point). I…

  • Europe

    The Leaning Tower of Pisa

    I didn’t really want to go see the Leaning Tower. My thoughts were: why do I want to go see a tower just because it’s wonky? Why did it even become a tourist…

  • busking in Split, Croatia
    Busking,  Europe

    Busking in Split, Croatia

    I went busking for the first time, and it was in Croatia! I’ve always wanted to go busking. I’d been trying to gather up enough courage to go for ages. After three weeks…