Holli and Asha came sprinting back to the van after going for a run along the river and told us that they’d seen a Crocodile!

We got the bikes out and rode the two kilometres to where they saw it as quickly as we could. I carried the camera and Asha dinked Forrest.

The croc was sunning itself on a log by the bank when we got there. There were lots of turtles keeping it company – they weren’t scared of it at all.

This was the first time that any of us have ever seen a Croc in the wild so we were all very excited. We kept telling passers-by about it but none of them seemed to care much. It turns out that the Croc is a local so people are used to seeing it.

It was only a freshy but I still wouldn’t want to go swimming with it. Its teeth are big enough for me!

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