Ingham floods

Ingham Floods

Ingham’s flooding again! Problems of building a town on a tropical floodplain.

Dad excitedly shook me awake this morning and told me to look out of my window. This is what I saw:

It’s pretty fun actually. Seeing the water coming up and hearing the rain drumming and the thunder crashing. It isn’t a dangerous kind of flood. It’s been raining almost nonstop for over a week. Last night the rain was very heavy which is why it flooded. So, this flood is just a giant puddle of fresh rainwater.

Everyone’s having a great time. That’s a family from up the road going canoeing down the newly formed river. My siblings thought it was a great idea so they went sailing in our inflatable pool. I think they read the instructions wrong – you’re meant to put the water in the pool, not the pool in the water!

Technically my last day of work was yesterday but my boss rang me today and asked me to come in for an afternoon shift – loads of people are flooded out of town and can’t get to work. So, I’ll do another shift!

I hope that the water goes down quickly as we were aiming to leave town tomorrow to go to Tasmania. I’ll be studying nursing at the University of Tasmania this year! I’m going to miss the crazy tropical weather, I didn’t even get to see a cyclone this year.

Watching Ingham flood is a pretty funny start to the year, speaking of which…


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