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I’m About to Hike the Tasmanian Trail

Fitting day or weekend hiking trips around uni has been fun, what with trips to Freycinet, Mt Arthur, Quamby Bluff, Ralph falls etc. However, I feel like I need a bit more of a challenge. Seeing as the COVID-19 situation in Australia isn’t exactly ideal, I don’t want to leave Tasmania for fear of not being able to return home. So, I found an adventure closer to home – the Tasmanian Trail.

The Tasmanian Trail is a 470km long-distance trail running from Devonport in Tasmania’s north, to Dover in the south. You can bikepack it, ride a horse or, as I’m planning, hike it.

Image courtesy of Gayle and Kim,

I’ve only let my plans become public over the past week. Beforehand I wasn’t sure if I wanted to do it or not. I love watching people’s reactions when I tell them what I’m planning. Astonishment, disbelief, thinking I’m joking, think I’m gonna get myself killed, impressed. Or with some of my more adventurous friends, just a laid-back ‘That’s nice, have fun’. The downside of letting my plans become public knowledge is that now I can’t back out. Actually, that may be a benefit.

I’ve done a little research and can’t find any fastest known time for female, self-supported. I’ve asked around but I’m hoping I may be able to set a record! I might also be able to set the youngest solo hiker record.

I already feel like I’ve prepared more than I did for the Te Araroa two years ago. Not that that’s saying much! I probably haven’t trained enough wearing a pack but I’ve been running a lot, doing day hikes and spending a bit of time bouldering. Hopefully that counts for something?

My pack is also going to be a lot lighter. I’ve changed my gear somewhat and cut out the unnecessary stuff. I could go lighter if I replaced more gear but I’m tight and would rather lug my old stuff around! However, I have purchased a down sleeping bag and a personal locator beacon. A friend who’s done the PCT and the AT looked at my stuff. Apparently I’m on the right track!

I’ve booked a bus ticket to Devonport ($1.80!) and my first night’s accommodation. The next step is calculating how many days food for the first stage…

Anyway, that’s it for now, I have three exams to study for but you’ll hear from me again soon!

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