Hey there, I’m Gabrielle

I’m sixteen years old and I’ve travelled in fifteen different countries. I’ve just finished tramping 685 km of the Te Araroa across New Zealand, with the rest of my family. As you can imagine this kind of thing get pretty tiring so we’re living in a house now, so that we can have a holiday from holidays!

I love playing the violin and any other instrument I can get my hands on. I read a truly ridiculous number of books, I’m teaching myself German and I love to design and sew.

I was born in Cairns, in the tropical far-north of Australia but haven’t lived anywhere much longer than a year in my entire life!

There’s seven of us in my family, me, my parents, two sisters, and two brothers. I’m the eldest but we’re all pretty close in age. We’re all home educated and have never been to school. My Sisters have a blog at Crazy Clones. As their name suggests, they are way crazier than I am!

To start off we just travelled around Australia. We did nine months in a tent when I was about seven. We then upgraded to a caravan and, once we got sick of that, we decided to try Europe.

We liked Europe so much we spent eight months in twelve different countries before coming back to Australia. Then, we went to New Zealand to hike the Te Araroa. Although we had to quit the (TA you can read why here), we’re now tentatively planning to return and finish it next season.

I’m writing all about our adventures so subscribe and get ready to hear about the pretty spectacular mistakes, mishaps and probably the tantrums we have!