Hey there, I’m Gabrielle

I’m seventeen years old and I’ve travelled in fifteen different countries. I’ve just finished hiking the 470km Tasmanian Trail solo. I’m currently living in Tasmania and studying a bachelor of nursing. While I do study a lot my life isn’t all essays and exams. There are so many awesome hikes here in Tassie that I’ve only just started to work through. I’ve joined the uni mountaineering club and rock climb. I play Ultimate Frisbee and have started running a lot.

My family (mum, dad, two brothers and two sisters) have always been quite nomadic. I was born in Cairns, in the tropical far-north of Australia but haven’t lived anywhere much longer than a year in my entire life! To start off we just travelled around Australia. We did nine months in a tent when I was about seven. Then we upgraded to a caravan and, once we got sick of that, we decided to try Europe.

We liked Europe so much we spent eight months in twelve different countries before coming back to Australia. Then, we went to New Zealand to hike the Te Araroa. Although we had to quit the TA (you can read why here). It was bothering me that the only long-distance trail I’d been on I hadn’t been able to finish. That’s why I decided to do the Tasmanian Trail. In doing the Tasmanian Trail, I set two records – the fastest unsupported female and the youngest solo hiker.

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